This past Sunday my ten year old son Jack and I were on our weekly walk to the local farmers market when we crossed paths with protesters.  At first we had no idea what was going on but quickly realized this was an anti Breitbart, anti Trump gathering.  Without getting political I'd like to share our experience along with some of my images.

When first happening upon the protest around 12:45PM there were maybe 20 protesters in front of a nondescript building I have passed by thousands of times.  It turns out this is the headquarters of Breitbart News.  In addition to the protesters there were two police officers trying to maintain the peace.  Opposite corner of the building where the protest being held there were maybe five pro Trump supporters.  

It was very loud!  The protesters were chanting and holding up signs and there were two people heatedly arguing with a uniformed officer near by.  I wanted to take some photos, but my ten year old son was a bit nervous.  I decided to make our way to the farmers market which would give me ample time to explain to him that in our great country we have the right to peacefully protest if we disagree with something.  That being said, I also explained to him the opposition has a right peacefully counter balance.  I correctly figured on our way home the protest would grow, and he would be less nervous with my explanation.  

I was correct on both fronts.  The number of protesters had grown to around 60, the number of police was in the high teens, squad cars about ten, opposition about twenty and the noise level 100 decibels.  More importantly Jack was not nervous which allowed me to go about documenting what was happening in my neighborhood.  Armed with my Fujifilm X100F, a WCL-X100 and an off camera flash I managed to make the following images.

Pro Trump Vs. Anti Breitbart

Fake News?


Free the News

Alternative News?


Breitbart Protests March 12th 2017-6


Breitbart Protest

Pro Trump vs. anti Breitbart - round 2

Breitbart Protests March 12th 2017-8


Breitbart Protests March 12th 2017-9
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