Ahhhh Los Angeles Marathon Sunday! The one day of the year where my family and I are trapped in our neighborhood. All the streets around us are closed and I could not be happier to be trapped. You see we live on mile marker twenty two of the twenty six point two mile race that runs through our great city. The race starts early in Downtown Los Angeles and ends at the Santa Monica Pier.

Every year we wake up early to catch the handicapped folks roll through our neighborhood followed by the elite runners, and finally the thousands of participants forming the main field of runners.

It is my favorite day of the year.  It is amazing to see the spirit of both runners and volunteers come together for this great event!  The vibe is so positive and amazing!  I am always most amazed by the the handicapped participants.  I actually had a photo of a handicapped athlete published in 2012.  I took this photo and told my (then) five year old son that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

Angeleno Magazine 2012

I decided to use three cameras; A Fuji X100F for quick random captures of volunteers, and perhaps high speed synch flash photography, A Fuji X-T1 with 18-55 for close and wide action as well as an X-T2 with 50-140 for longer shots and action.

Tools for the day

I ventured out, grabbed a cup of coffee at Peet's and waited.  As soon as the participants started rolling and running by I was busy!  The following are some of the images from the event!  Thanks to my wife for keeping Jack and Julianna out of my hair while I focused on shooting.  And a special thanks to Kaj Goldberg and KTLA News for featuring my images last night on the 9 and 10PM broadcast!!!

Elisha Barno & Daniel Limo 1st & 2nd place finishers

Hellen Jepkurgat womens 1st place finisher...my son Jack in the background :)


My favorite cheerleader!

2017 LA MArathon-358

One of the many KTLA live cams covering the marathon

It is always nice seeing someone you know kick ass!!! Go Ankur Tarneja go!!!

Another Peet's local (center) kicking butt!


Notice that this athlete only has his right arm...AMAZING!!!!!!!

I love all the creativity!!  There were so many runners with great costumes!!!

Lucha libre!!!!!!

Cue "Gonna Fly Now"

Even alligators can compete!

2017 LA MArathon-559


2017 LA MArathon-838

Some folks wore barely anything!

2017 LA MArathon-647

Perhaps my favorite spot...the hose...this is where all the emotion is captured!

2017 LA MArathon-657
2017 LA MArathon-678
2017 LA MArathon-690
2017 LA MArathon-787
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