It is no secret that the Fujifilm X100 series is my favorite camera of all time.  The X100 series is the gateway camera that convinced me to give up my full frame Canon gear in exchange for a mirrorless system.

Let me back up a little bit.  In early 2013 I wanted a camera I could take with me everywhere.  I got sick and tired of lugging around my Canon 5D and various lenses.  I decided to buy a Sony RX100.  The RX100 is a fantastic little camera!  As great as the image quality is from the RX100 a few things bothered me.  The user interface was lacking, the fact that there is no viewfinder and I felt as though I was going to drop the little thing and watch $700 go down the drain.

I ended up selling the RX100.  I had been intrigued with the Fuji X100 but had read how the focus system was lacking.  The X100S had been introduced and folks were raving about the improved focus system.  I bit the bullet and ordered one.  I was immediately smitten.  It was so liberating to leave a heavy bag full of camera gear at home and just venture out with a tiny fixed focal length camera.

My 5D spent months at home unused for any personal use.  I put my X100S through the ringer shooting anything and everything!  I was so happy with the results!!! 

After two years with the X100S I decided to replace it with the X100T.  In hindsight it was not a huge upgrade, but I could not pass up adeal I found for $300 off a new X100T.  I wanted the wifi and the 4 way directional buttons.  I ended up selling the S for around the cost of the new X100T so it was no big deal.

The X100T was always at my side and helped me shoot anything and everything!

When Fuji announced the X100F in January I knew I had to have this camera!  I had already bought the Fujifilm X-T2 and LOVED the 24MP sensor and joystick...two HUGE upgrades coming the X100 family!  I also loved the fact that the X100F shared the same battery as the more carrying around two different types of batteries!  I ordered the X100F on January 19th and it arrived on February 24th.

I have had one month to shoot with the X100F and I must say, Fujifilm knocked it out of the park with the F.    

The new sensor paired with the same 23mm f/2 lens is a winning combo!

The joystick is a welcome addition to the X100 series!  I love being able to quickly change focal points with the control of a joystick.  I do keep the joystick locked and unlock it with a simple press.

The build quality seems a bit more robust than the X100T.

Exposure compensation +/- 5 stops in C mode...2 stops more than the X100T.

The focus is a touch quicker than the T.  It is not night and day, but it is does seem a touch quicker.

Acros!  I loved Acros on the X-T2 and now I have it in the X100F.  I like setting the camera to film simulation bracketing and shooting Acros (Y or R), Provia and Custom Chrome. 

Extra function button on front of the camera!!  I like that the view finder switch on the front of the camera has a custom function button.  I have mine set to Preview Exposure as I am a big fan of killing ambient light and using flash.  When I kill the ambient I cannot see through the EVF unless i turn off the exposure preview....having this on the front button is huge!  

Extra scroll wheel I like that there is now a front scroll wheel...I use the camera with auto ISO set to command.  The front scroll wheel controls the ISO and the rear the shutter speed.  Aperture is on the lens so the camera functions just like a traditional camera!  PERFECT!

I am a fan of Q button usage, but not Q button placement.  Others have mentioned the horrible placement of the Q button.  I concur, but it is a simple fix by locking the buttons.  I have found by locking the buttons I do not engage the Q button or any of the custom function buttons.  The custom function buttons are the ones that always are accidentally engaged.  Locking and unlocking the buttons is as simple as holding in the "menu/ok" button for a few seconds.

Others have noted that Fuji should have weather sealed this camera...not a deal killer for me at all.  I do have the luxury of using the X-T2 and the 35 f/2 or 50-140 if I know I am going to be facing the elements.  

All in all I am VERY happy with the X100F!  Fuji knocked it out of the park with the fourth generation X100 series!  The X100F continues the tradition of being the perfect companion for capturing every day life!  The image quality combined with the beautiful Fuji colors is nothing short of spectacular!

Some photos from the past month....

Out and about in my neighborhood

I love photographing people!  I love capturing them in natural light, and I LOVE taking advantage of the leaf shutter to make dramatic portraits!!

Breitbart Protest - 1/500 ISO200 f/10

Urban Dandelion - 1/400 ISO100 f/8

1/1000 ISO200 f/8

1/1000 ISO200 f/4

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